May 2019



What’s in a name?
Where will the next great offshore racing dynasties materialise from? ROB WEILAND

The new frontier
Not so much a sport that is going in different directions as one that will soon benefit from some quite different approaches. KEN READ

(Truly) something else
Certain special boats can float quietly under the radar (see here page 57). We doubt this one will stay silent for long. PAUL BIEKER and ANDRES SUAR

Tsunami of talent
Non-Figaristes, beware… come the 2020 Vendée Globe there is a whole flood of fresh but extremely battle-hardened Figaro talent joining you all on match day. NICOLAS TROUSSEL talks to JOCELYN BLERIOT

To fly or not to fly…
DAVE HOLLOM has no concerns about the performance and manoeuvrability of the new AC75s. It’s getting going that worries him

Lean (and hungry)
There is good reason for those who train the current crop of America’s Cup sailors to be worried about keeping their charges healthy and happy. ALAN BOOT and MARK CHISNELL

The new norm – Part I
RENAUD BAÑULS tells the story of the birth of a new attitude to offshore multihull design


Throw it out there

Hidden horsepower

Not just a pretty face

Immaculate pedigree

Everything in its place

When life’s (not) a drag

A game of contrasts

Full house?


Commodore’s letter


Will this America’s Cup ever start, good times sad times for the Super Series family, our man in the Figaro could have done without that. And a very American scandal. JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, WILL HARRIS, DOBBS DAVIS

World news
(Another) Multiplast masterpiece… and in (big) numbers, Gameboy pressures in New Zealand, F50s and second nature, gettin’ better all the time in St Maarten. GLENN ASHBY, PATRICE CARPENTIER, THOMAS COVILLE, YANN PENFORNIS, IVOR WILKINS, TOM SLINGSBY, JESPER BANK, BLUE ROBINSON, DOBBS DAVIS

Paul Cayard – crash pad to launch pad
Or from the South Pole to South Beach

IRC – In pursuit of simplicity
Ideas come and go… some of them good. But keep your eyes on the prize. JASON SMITHWICK

Seahorse build table – Hardly subtle
A couple ‘more’ clever DAVID RAISON designs that really deserve to be more widely appreciated

RORC news – Digital takeover

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
At opposite ends of the sport in almost every sense… but sailing’s never got hung up on that