May 2017


While stocks last
This summer in Bermuda promises to give us the most dramatic America's Cup in the event's history... and the ticket store is open

The same but different
Why there may be little foil symmetry under the surface on the new ACC designs. KEN READ

One (in seven years) is too many
It’s been a long time since there was a serious coming together between TP52s. ROB WEILAND

Step back
Not a bad year for JUAN K… the Finn gold medal at Rio 2016 and four of the first five boats across the line in Hobart

Behind the throne – Part I
DOBBS DAVIS sits down with the America’s Cup’s quietest (and perhaps smartest) sailmaker… BURNS FALLOW

Distilling the essence
The Volvo Ocean Race is heading south again. BLUE ROBINSON asks Jules Verne champion routeur MARCEL VAN TRIEST what to expect

The tireless pursuit of improvement – Part III
Obsessive, almost certainly. Kind and supportive of others, definitely. TIM JEFFERY concludes his look back at the life of PAUL BERT ELVSTRØM

Foiled again – Part II
Just like every racing driver, ‘more grip’ has now become the cry of every Cup helm. JAMES BOYD


Radial around the world
And things are going rather well over at Voilerie Incidence

Going to (altogether) another level
Put a top superyacht designer together with a cat legend and…

Bottom to top
And Musto are bringing new science to keeping our feet dry

Perfect for the task
Long, thin ACC hulls and a world-leading sparmaker... perfect fit

Trickledown… and up
America’s Cup cats to superyachts… technology flows both ways

Giant among regattas
Yet the organisers of Kieler Woche never rest on their laurels

A race like no other
… or the best alternative to a cold winter at home, you will find!

Don’t be a lemon
Get ready… Sailors for the Sea has signed up over 1,000 regattas


Commodore’s letter


BILL FICKER really was quicker, simpler dinghies and why those bicycles are only one small part of the Team New Zealand story. TIM JEFFERY, JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON

World news
‘Finishing’ the Vendée, oceanic multihulls may (just) be back… and on a ‘budget’, Denmark’s solo explosion, the polished illusionists of Auckland and keeping skiffs sensible. BLUE ROBINSON, IVOR WILKINS, JOHN WINNING, JOCHEN RIEKER, PATRICE CARPENTIER

Paul Cayard – (Now) a clash in name only
Could the modern America’s Cup and today’s Volvo Ocean Race have grown any further apart?

IRC column – Well, I wouldn’t start from here
JAMES DADD has been kicking back at his French farmhouse and taking the long view

World Sailing – The fightback starts here
SCOTT PERRY and BETSY ALISON are two of the many people working tirelessly to ensure sailing’s early return to the Paralympic arena

Design – We must have lighter, nimbler and cheaper IRC designs
MARC LOMBARD and ERIC LEVET make clear their thoughts to FREDERIC AUGENDRE

RORC – A weekend of vice

Seahorse build table – (Definitely) a cut above
MICHELE PITRUCCI has given us a very clever, very user-friendly and very fast new foiling cat

Sailor of the Month
Two of the brightest young talents on the ocean