May 2016


More boats than time
However big the base, and the staff, and the budget, in the final analysis the America’s Cup comes down to time. ANDY CLAUGHTON

Worth getting right
Persico Marine are building the latest maxi to the WallyCento rule… with help from Pinifarina. MARTIN BIVOITand GIOVANNI BELGRANO have been charged with keeping it in one piece

The voice of reason
Joubert-Nivelt is one of the best known names in yacht design. After a long sojourn in cruiser-racers, BERNARD NIVELT is back in raceboats

This time is it for real?
After years out in the wilderness a genuinely practical production wing rig should shortly be on the market. ØYVIND BORDAL

A beautiful thing
PAUL LARSEN is in love again (sorry, Helena). And, typical of the fastest sailor in the world, the subject of his latest attentions is very slim, very light, very pretty… and 100% carbon

Eight years on
The Oman Sail project is doing such a good job of promoting its young sailors that RUSSELL COUTTS dropped by recently to add his support


Commodore’s letter


JACK GRIFFIN on AC design constraints, TERRY HUTCHINSON has a wobbly keel, GILES SCOTT reassures BOB FISHER that he’s taking it all in his stride and a home is needed for one of the most famous of them all. Plus DOBBS DAVIS on Star World Champion JIM ALLSOPP

World news
A foiling Figaro one-design, FRANCOIS GABART readies for action, FRANCK CAMMAS gets some (more) dosh, (more) thriving Class40s, mixed Olympic feelings in Auckland, a new star from McConaghy… and whither measurement, asks DOBBS DAVIS. Plus our new Asian column. IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, ANDY RICE, CARLOS PICH

Paul Cayard
And an all-new Star boat as ANDREA FOLLI challenges MARC PICKEL’s P-Star hegemony

Rob Weiland
Why skill handicapping is for the birds… or at least the (polo) ponies

World Sailing
Work in progress and the clock’s ticking. SARAH GOSLING tours the beaches of Rio

IRC column
Finding an appropriate balance. JAMES DADD

RORC news

Design – Fast, light and not too brutal on the pocket
MAARTEN VOOGD is creating not just boats but fleets with his Chinese business partners

Seahorse build table – Full bodied
The MAT1180 from MARK MILLS further reinforces the move to proper IRC raceboats

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Both very creative… but in their own ways