May 2013


Rán is the champion!
And class manager ROB WEILAND also has news of the latest 52 Super Series developments

Progress report
BRITT WARD is among the most eager of those looking forward to the launch of VO65 No1

Handy tool!
What would our ancestors have said… all this in a regular-looking wrist watch

No stone unturned
MIKKO BRUMMER of WB-Sails paints a vivid picture of the level of development that goes into today’s successful Olympic class sails and rigs

The more you know the faster you go
JOCELYN BLERIOT talks to aero whizz PIERRE BOURCIER about a more scientific route to a better understanding of rig performance

The entertainment business – Keeping things sane
ED DUBOIS discusses the necessary steps being taken to protect the superyacht racing fraternity

216,000 miles of testing...
CONRAD COLMAN failed to wear them out!

Forecasting the forecast
WOUTER VERBRAAK explains what lies behind the popular concept of ensemble routing


Commodore’s letter


TERRY HUTCHINSON counts his chickens, PETER HOLMBERG enjoys another Caribbean ‘winter’, DEE SMITH and some good opening moves for HPR. Plus cruising at 30kt… what happens when you ask NIGEL IRENS and BENOIT CABARET to design your ideal boat

World news
Vendée Globe wrap, DAVE BARNES and RICK DODSON are back in the game, GONZALO BOTIN keeps it in the family, MAT BELCHER looks forward to Rio with confidence and US offshore safety. BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, CARLOS PICH, IVOR WILKINS

Paul Cayard
And taking it on the chin

IRC column
JAMES DADD introduces his support band…

Design – Total design
International 14 ace PAUL BIEKER with his latest typically innovative new offshore design

Seahorse build table – Pure performance
Two new mid-sized rockets… ripe for HPR

Seahorse regatta calendar

RORC news

Sailor of the Month
Both ‘high mileage’… a tough choice, we reckon