March 2021


All the answers?

Taking off
ROB WEILAND is distinctly unrelaxed about the steady influx of self-learning AI sailing systems

Catching the mood
A tiny silver sliver from that which will not be named has turboed two-handed sailing. And now it’s official. LARRY ROSENFELD

The great divide – Part I
Put together a wonderful designer, a highly competitive owner… and a Royal Yacht. CLARE MCCOMB

On arrive
At least 15 new Class40s (sic) are going to be launched during 2021… all scows of course. FRED AUGENDRE looks at some very rapid development and some likely frontrunners

A new and better world
GEOFF STOCK describes how Fibre Mechanics have gone about raising the bar even further with the build of the new CF520 IRC offshore racer

The missing piece – Part II
And it’s time for KOSTECKI, SPITHILL and COUTTS to learn how to race a multihull (and improve their swimming). ROGER VAUGHAN

Getting it down on paper
FRANÇOIS CHEVALIER and JEAN SANS look at the first era of the AC75 and at how some of the details have been playing out in Auckland


Instant recognition

He’s back!

Protecting us from ourselves

(Fast) horses for courses

Doing the ground work


Commodore’s letter


We (really) are going racing down in New Zealand, the extraordinary 2020/21 Vendée Globe, but why the pinnacle ocean race needs to move forward. Plus moody in Auckland? PATRICE CARPENTIER, JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, DENIS HOREAU, YANNICK BESTAVEN, BRUNO TROUBLE, LOUIS BURTON, JOCELYN BLERIOT

World news
Mini Transat madness, packed (transatlantic) schedule, Gitana go again, the essential Class40 school guide, hanging onto your keel (just), match racing your chase boat, hanging tough in Oz. Plus winning it on screen. CHRIS NICHOLSON, PIP HARE, PETE BURLING, BLUE ROBINSON, CHARLES CAUDRELIER, IVOR WILKINS, DOBBS DAVIS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, ALAIN GAUTIER, BEN AINSLIE, PETER ISLER, CHRIS BEDFORD

Paul Cayard – Disclaimer issued
And calling it early is never easy!

IRC – The wrong direction?
More sails for a Thursday night race than a lap of the planet. Surely not? JAMES DADD

RORC news – A more orderly sellout

Seahorse build table – Just Wow!
OK, we finally have it, the world’s first fully flying IMA-eligible foiling Maxi. MARK MILLS

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
And they’re giving us all one hell of a show