March 2018



Cold light of day
ROB WEILAND bravely goes where most would fear to tread: the cost of racing a grand prix yacht

Linked by but a thread
The song remains the same… but it’s a very different band playing it. BRIAN HANCOCK

Square peg round hole
We’ve moved beyond subtle tweaking. HUGH WELBOURN

Boulevard of broken dreams
To create a first-class grand prix omelette you do have to break some quite expensive eggs… PETER HARKEN

Dog days
America’s Cup cold war… ANDY CLAUGHTON

The game of life
BLUE ROBINSON talks America’s Cup and an extraordinary career with TOM WHIDDEN

What does it take…
A big picture hunt for the commonalities of a successful Olympian. CAROL CRONIN


Hot stuff (but cool)
A new racer-cruiser emerges one side of the yard, from the other side appears a new carbon Wally

Meeting of the minds
When some of the world’s smartest sailmakers get together in Nevada the ideas soon flow

Don’t follow the pack
Australia’s high-performance sailing clothing innovators were never going to do that, were they?

Not just boatbuilders
From high-pressure hydraulic tanks to high-performance skis for the Winter Paralympics…


Commodore’s letter


It’s not an easy time to be a wannabe America’s Cup challenger, the extraordinary CV of that Mapfre navigator and the complexities of modern campaigning. Plus modern real-time performance analysis… think again. JACK GRIFFIN, JOAN VILA, CARLOS PICH, TERRY HUTCHINSON

World news
Incredible incredible incredible, PATRICE CARPENTIER welcomes ashore FRANÇOIS GABART, a compact challenge in Kiwi, NICO shakes off the rust, that Sydney Hobart howler and getting the Caribbean back to business. BLUE ROBINSON, DOBBS DAVIS, IVOR WILKINS

Paul Cayard – Inexpensive?
A cheaper America’s Cup… don’t kid yourself

IRC – An end to rule bandits
Convergence should mean just that. JAMES DADD

Design – Plenty (more) to come
BERNARD NIVELT and ALEXIS MURATET have no intention of turning back the clock…

RORC – Lifeblood
Getting out the youth vote… and the passing of the dragon. EDDIE WARDEN-OWEN

Seahorse regatta calendar

Seahorse build table – New for old(er)
The re-emergence of an old friend…

Sailor of the Month
Inspirational is probably the best (only) word