March 2013


Zen and the Art of Flying
Super Series manager ROB WEILAND applauds some of the radical shaking-up while keeping his own feet – and fleet – firmly grounded in reality

Wholesale precision
MARK HAUSER and STEVE WILSON discuss the challenges of designing and manufacturing a series-built quiver of high-end grand prix rigs

Over La Manche
BRIAN THOMPSON explains why more of his colleagues are looking northward for their new racing base

In search of the ultimate
JASON KER’s design team have been going flat out to make that quantum leap… The first results are in no way dull!

It starts with the systems
STEPHANE LEVEEL of Tripp Design, Vitters’ MD LOUIS HAMMING and North’s BILL PEARSON look at what goes into making a very light, very large and very fast modern sailboat

QED – Part 1
Well, that worked pretty well! As PAUL LARSEN explains it to fellow Aussie BLUE ROBINSON

Eastern adventure
DOBBS DAVIS warms us up nicely for the 12th edition of the American Express Bosphorus Cup


Commodore’s letter


TERRY HUTCHINSON’s diary is filling up rewardingly fast, WOUTER VERBRAAK explains how GABART got the jump, DON STREET sticks up for ‘amateur’ crew, JOSH HALL’s all new Global Ocean Race and ROB COOK has words of caution for rail-hangers

World news
That FRANCOIS GABART back-story in full, BERNARD STAMM’s self-inflicted injury, our man gets onboard the ETNZ, OATLEY’s tenacity and the bureaucrats’ convergence. DOBBS DAVIS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, IVOR WILKINS

And a handful of very key words. JAMES DADD

Alpari World Match Race Tour
And there’s a youthful feeding frenzy ahead as candidates fight it out for just eight Tour Cards

Design – Take 3
GUILLAUME VERDIER tells JOCELYN BLERIOT why there is more to come with his Class 40s… and the next generation of Imoca 60s

Seahorse build table – Modern, modern, modern
GIOVANNI CECCARELLI has teamed up with Italian sailmaker PAOLO SEMERARO to create this rather stylish flyer for both ORC and IRC

Seahorse regatta calendar

RORC news

Sailor of the Month
Two examples of why persistence pays