June 2022


Busy busy

Taking it on the chin… or when even the Russian sailors know that the Russian sailors should not be allowed out on the pitch. ROB WEILAND

Thing of beauty
Not only a very beautiful piece of fast craftsmanship, but maybe also a glimmer of hope for home builders. AKIHIRO KANAI, ACT

Happy Sad
While everyone else was making a lot of noise Barcelona was quietly getting on with the job. CARLOS PICH, IVOR WILKINS, GRANT DALTON

Wheels down
It’s amazing Emirates Team New Zealand have enough time for something so ‘Pro Bono’ as defending the America’s Cup. IVOR WILKINS, KEVIN SHOEBRIDGE, TIM MELDRUM, GUILLAUME VERDIER, RICHARD JENKINS

Secret skimmer
Many of the best of the designs of CHARLES SIBBICK stand out in the ‘modern’ classic yacht racing fleets because they simply don’t look as if they can be old enough… JULIAN EVERITT


Gathering steam

The finish of champions

Exploit the noise

We got the invite!

Magnifique indeed


We got the invite
JOE LACEY was very happy to try out MARC LOMBARD’s latest large multihull design…

Good to get going
MATTEO POLLI has been proving that going much bigger does not mean compromising a fine reputation for beautiful as well as very fast yachts


Commodore’s letter


Getting stung in St Barts, but entertained in San Francisco, we’re all off to Barcelona, but while the AC75s get faster they don’t get cheaper, VASCO DA GAMA he was not, winners and grinners at the end of SailGP but one man is hogging the top step. JACK GRIFFIN, TOM SLINGSBY, TERRY HUTCHINSON, ADRIAN MORGAN, JIMMY SPITHILL, RUSSELL COUTTS, ROB KOTHE

World News
This Rhum’s a monster, ‘maxi spat’ in the Ultimes, PHIL ROBERTSON… gun for hire, TRIPON’s woes, BLUE ROBINSON finds something new to be intimidated by. Plus more baby-steps for the US in the quest to get back into Olympic contention. IVOR WILKINS, DOBBS DAVIS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, FRANÇOIS GABART

Rod Davis – Crank it back
For someone as successfully immersed for so long in the highest echelons of sailing, this Olympic gold medallist still has his feet planted firmly on the ground

RORC – Bunnies

Seahorse build table – Better late than never
We’ve finally got around to some of the work of US designer extraordinaire ROBERT PERRY…

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Solo endurance sailor vs a new solo champion