June 2016


Closer closer
Under 7,000kg for the first time but sailing even higher and faster, ROB WEILAND looks at some of the more subtle TP52 developments for 2016

Raceboats to Wallys
MARK MILLS and the engineers and builders at Persico Marine work to bring raceboat levels of weight concentration to the Wally Cento fleet…

Sounds simple
But it’s not… SAM DAVIES explains the timeline and the sometimes harsh reality of putting together (and funding) a Vendée Globe programme

Relentlessly talented
Behind every great modern Olympian… and standing behind 49er stars BURLING and TUKE is their coach HAMISH WILLCOX

Moving fast – staying dry
And things have come a long, long way

Coming in from the cold…
The growth in fast composite cruising cats has yet to be matched by a growth in opportunities for well organised but ‘sensible’ racing. NIGEL IRENS

Hidden world
Until America’s Cup 2013 boat aerodynamics were addressed by few designers outside the C-Class. But not any more… explain PETE MELVIN, JB BRAUN and BILL PEARSON

Old dog masters new trick
ANDY RICE watches the dominant match-racer of his generation move seamlessly into lightweight cats… (though the subsequent switch back to heavy monohulls did not go quite so smoothly)


Commodore’s letter


ED DUBOIS created the first modern superyacht and now he is gone. Plus GILES SCOTT and a very bad day at the leeward gate, two Fireball world champions together as BOB FISHER chats with STEVE BENJAMIN, a nod to RON AMEY from navigator PAUL ANTROBUS and sorting your AC ducks out in time with JACK GRIFFIN

World news
VINCENT RIOU will not be taking foils around the world with him, VPLP will design the foiling Figaro 3, as rival designers fume, New Zealand aims to fill in a rather irritating gap… Rio waters hold few fears for MAT BELCHER’s tight 470 team, PETER HOLMBERG does his bit, as DAVE PEDRICK and GARY JOBSON get the laughs. DOBBS DAVIS, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, ANDY RICE, CARLOS PICH

Rod Davis
Don’t be afraid to share to get ahead

World Sailing
Surviving after the Olympic circus moves on

ORC column
Looking after the little ones. DOBBS DAVIS

Design – A remarkable creation
Ukrainian Olympic medallist RODION LUKA handed him the brief… and somehow Slovenian designer ANDREJ JUSTIN managed to meet it

Seahorse regatta calendar

RORC news

Seahorse build table – Fresh start
TORBJØRN LINDERSON believes that the Gunboat ‘survivors’ club’ could lead the way in widening the draw of ‘recreational’ cat racing

Sailor of the Month
Both very creative… but in their own ways