Raising the bar
TP52 class manager ROB WEILAND starts to unwrap some of the latest TP52 development and looks at the prospects for the 2011 Audi MedCup

From textiles to composites – Part 1
BILL PEARSON reviews the background and history that is the foundation for the current state of the art in contemporary sail manufacturing

The action starts now
MOD 70 programme manager FRANCK DAVID introduces us to his new and rapid three-hull baby

A question of balance
Amid all the rampant and exciting innovation, what ‘trickledown’ can really be expected to come out of AC34? ANDY RICE put this question to some well known grand prix racers – ED REYNOLDS, DEE SMITH, TOM BURNHAM, JENS GRAM-HANSEN and MIKE SANDERSON

How does he keep going... JOCELYN BLERIOT tries to understand the Sailrocket adventure with the help of the project’s leader PAUL LARSEN

Standing by
A new Farr-designed VO70 goes afloat shortly, but elsewhere the best work is still hard to find. Farr Yacht Design head PAT SHAUGHNESSY talks ambition with PATRICE CARPENTIER


Commodore’s letter


TERRY HUTCHINSON gets his first wing time, BEN AINSLIE tells BLUE ROBINSON (and his Finn class rivals) that there is a way to go yet... DOBBS DAVIS and DAVE GENDELL check development out in the Caribbean and a strong vote in favour of some more Classe 950 coverage

World news
All change at Banque Pop, Peyron and Dick enjoy their date, all systems go for MOD 70s, Spain shines in the Barcelona Race, GREGG ELLIOTT’s latest Olympic candidate, the ubiquitous Nathan Outteridge and the USA is going offshore again. PATRICE CARPENTIER, ROB ­MUNDLE, BRICE LECHEVALIER, VINCENT GILLIOZ, IVOR WILKINS, CARLOS PICH, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis
Why the next 12 months is going to be all about closing down the gap

Olympic and small boat news – Rollin’ on
Making better use of the power – skiff supremo ROB BROWN reports on the key developments during this year’s 18-footer season in Sydney

ORC column

RORC news

Design – New frontiers
As the front ends on today’s latest offshore racers get fatter are we in fact headed for a new design paradigm? Designer THOMAS TILSON believes there are indeed some new avenues opening up

Seahorse build table
– Thoroughly modern solution DOBBS DAVIS checks out the first Farr 400

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
And an unusual match-up for you this month

Photo below by Christophe Favreau