June 2017


Still improving
So which fleet is the greatest test? KEN READ

Out the same mould
TP52 moulds have been put to good use recently but with a bit added on top. ROB WEILAND

Founding father – Part II
But ADRIAN MORGAN draws the line at following SIR ROBIN KNOX-JOHNSTON and CHRIS BONINGTON up any mountains

Designer ADOLFO CARRAU from Botín Partners and project manager MICKY COSTA take this opportunity to present to you… The Cannonball

Too much to digest!
There’s been a lot going on at Volvo Towers in Alicante. JAMES BOYD catches up with round the world race supremo MARK TURNER

The flying mermaid
When will this foolish madness end? JOCELYN BLERIOT takes a close look at the most crazy Ultim yet… with GUILLAUME VERDIER, SEBASTIEN JOSSE AND CYRIL DARDASHTI

The pre-race period in Bermuda was far from easy for Land Rover BAR. ANDY CLAUGHTON

Not so simple
Who better than a cycling nut to send to unravel Emirates Team New Zealand’s ‘power cell’? RICHARD ASPLAND


Technology among the resurgent J-Class is only heading in one direction with rig technology at the forefront of development

Faster and faster
The new 65-footer from Mylius is just the latest example of a type of boat that would once have been considered inconceivable

Second life
Dodge Morgan’s famous round-the-world yacht American Promise is back out there crossing the oceans where she belongs


Commodore’s letter


RODNEY PATTISSON and LUCA DEVOTI are on the same page, the new Cannonball is already looking ominous and how to choose your whomper. Plus America’s Cup 36, anyone? PHILIPPE SERENON, JACK GRIFFIN, and TERRY HUTCHINSON

World news
The rise of the Mini scow is proving relentless, a new Vendée Globe ‘launching’, the ultimate Transat rivalry, skiffies on top, tough (Olympic) decisions and New York gets out the cheque book. PATRICE CARPENTIER, IVORWILKINS, ROB KOTHE, DOBBS DAVIS

Paul Cayard
Now this one just became very interesting…

IRC – Less than obvious
Or why a one-design can be easier to draw

Design – A (very) different task
STEPHANE LEVEEL has travelled a long way during a successful international career in yacht design. His current task is (literally) the biggest

RORC – Hot seat

Seahorse regatta calendar

Seahorse build table – Not bad
MARK MILLS certainly has something new that is worth celebrating… quite a lot, in fact

Sailor of the Month
Have at it, munchkins…