July 2016


First test first taste
Without a really good high mode you’re going to find yourself in trouble… says ROB WEILAND

Hidden world – Part 2
The first prototype SuperFoiler is in build and PETE MELVIN and JB BRAUN are excited

Quiet history, growing story
It’s cold out there in the wilderness but now DSS is going mainstream. HUGH WELBOURN and GORDON KAY

The same but (very) different
PAUL HAKES is no longer trying to hide what lies beneath – quite the opposite

Measure it!
Maxi72 and TP52 world champion navigator BRUNO ZIRILLI lays out the not entirely happy state of modern electronic performance systems

Right word right use
Airfoil rigging not squashed rigging. ERIC HALL

Predictable unpredictability
Remarkably, going into Rio 2016 several Olympic crews stand out above all others. ANDY RICE

Higher, faster, flatter
And now it’s into full series production…

A game of contrasts
Quirky best describes some of the ‘old English’ small boat classes. Well, one is on the front foot again. PHIL MORRISON and JEREMY VINES

134 years and counting
RA pre-Olympics Kiel Week is always a bit special


Commodore’s letter


Not so good in Noo York, says JACK GRIFFIN, 4 wins weren’t enough for TERRY HUTCHINSON and JOCHEM VISSER launches a new initiative

World news
PHIL SHARP is back in business, ISABELLE JOSCHKE is still in control (just), classic tales from Auckland, trying (but failing) to unravel VIKTOR KOVALENKO. Plus the Gunboat owners fight on. DOBBS DAVIS, IVOR WILKINS, ANDY RICE, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER

Paul Cayard
Is it time to bring race starting systems into the modern world?

World Sailing
Dealing with the unfinished business

IRC column
And the answers stay the same. JAMES DADD

Design – The light way but a hard way
MAURIZIO COSSUTTI finds he can build fast boats or winning boats… but trying to do both has been proving to be immensely frustrating

Seahorse regatta calendar

RORC news

Seahorse build table – One for the warriors
AKIHIRO KANAI stirs the Bushido spirit

Sailor of the Month
(Good) sailors turned (excellent) impresarios