Winning formula

Patrice Carpentier catches up with old friends at Structures Shipyard

Structures Shipyard production-builds fast sailing boats specifically for shorthanded offshore sailing – both racing and cruising (as in fast cruising). The Structures team is made up of people who are passionate about fast sailboats of all types, who have dedicated themselves over the past 15 years to the development and building of pure modern and enjoyable sailing boats, accessible to all.

Every Pogo is inspired by racing, with the objectives of:

  •  achieving performance under sail over a wide wind range
  •  ease of handling
  •  reliability
  •  safety
  •  a good feel on the helm
  •  stability under autopilot

Pogos have won numerous big offshore races including the Mini-Transat, the Trans quadra, the Quebec-St Malo, the Route du Rhum… Structures are proud of this record and of the hundreds of Pogos cruising trouble-free all over the world.

Pogo 3 – 25% more powerful.
The manufacturer of the historically most successful Series Minis – the Pogo 1 and Pogo 2 – launched a new baby last autumn; and she is all about speed.

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