January 2021


We get it

Building the proper toolbox
MICHEL DESJOYEAUX is very focused in terms of what he sees as the correct role for his Mer Agitée operation. JOCELYN BLERIOT

No introduction required
ROD DAVIS talks to CAROL CRONIN on the subject of… ROD DAVIS

Boys are on a roll. A fixed-keel 111ft DSS fast cruiser is the newest brief for Infiniti Yachts who tasked CLAY OLIVER with the foil details

Not just the Vendée Globe
There are two even faster new ocean racers already preparing for 2021. FRED AUGENDRE

It’s all in the mind – Part I
Remember what you did before, how you did it, what you do next… on today’s fastest boats that process gets you nowhere. DAVID MUNGE, PROF VINCENT WALSH and DAVID CARR

More for less
Making life easier for Olympic champions and weekend warriors alike. JULIAN BETHWAITE


When the best team up

Right size right boat

Cleaner lighter (faster)


Commodore’s letter


Le nouveau Shakespeare, the price of pulling too hard… when OCS pays off, keeping it ‘liquid’, parting is not always such sweet sorrow, loss of a champion, BLUE goes black tie (maybe), big Hobart bump in the shorthanded road…when two supposed friends fall out (badly). Plus when is it bold and when is it plain foolish – the challenge for US race organisers. IVOR WILKINS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, BLUE ROBINSON, ARMEL TRIPON, LOUIS BURTON, JIM FARMER, HAMISH WILLCOX, DAWN RILEY

Paul Cayard – And good riddance
Just for once (we hope) this new year can’t start a moment too soon…

No time for cold feet
The new Olympic offshore discipline will be good for every aspect of sailing and we should all now be getting firmly behind it. ROB WEILAND

IRC – Not foiling (just) yet
But with enough research and good work we’ll be able to rate you soon. JASON SMITHWICK

RORC news – Well represented
Four entries in the 2020 Vendée Globe is a good effort for any club. EDDIE WARDEN-OWEN

Seahorse build table – Meeting demand
A much awaited new addition to the ranks of Class40 scow designers. ANDRE CYMONE

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Blue water racers can do a lot more than just race