January 2018


And a respectful Seahorse nod to Santa Claus

The race that launched 1,000 careers
FREDERIC AUGENDRE takes the Figaro 3 prototype out for some testing of his own

Planes, trains and automobiles
Décision Composites outside Lausanne have been responsible for some of the fastest and most ‘edgy’ raceboats of the modern era. And plenty else besides. Founder BERTRAND CARDIS reflects on an interesting 30 years…

Do good
CHRIS BEDFORD, SIMON FISHER and MARK TOWILL balance challenging for a round-the-world race win with achieving some other more publicly spirited objectives

Cup heritage – Part III
From a disappointing Big Boat to an elegant if rather large ‘C-Class’ to a technical run through of the IACC America’s Cup era. ERIC HALL

Good, good
An Olympic offshore demonstration event is gathering pace plus a catch-up with ‘oversized’ 470 gold medallist SIME FANTELA. ANDY RICE


Custom fit
The new lifejacket harness created for this Volvo Ocean Race just went live…

Total beauty, total speed and total beauty with speed, from Italy of course

New kids – very new boats
What is it with Argentina and yacht designers… enter two more disrupters

Treat yourself
It’s no longer a state secret but it’s still a hell of a way to spend a week in April

Now it’s foot to the floor
A ludicrously tempting event just hit a whole new level of performance


Commodore’s letter


Well, this time it was always going to be about the Cup boat. Plus the growing case for a compulsory re-education programme for navigators – aimed at reminding them that the paper chart came before the transistor. The list of offenders is growing expensively… JACK GRIFFIN, RAY DAVIES, GRANT SIMMER and DON STREET JNR

World news
The TJV-TGV Express, YVES LE BLEVEC and Actual appear to be heading the wrong way, the Chinese-Kiwi connection gets stronger, TOM SLINGSBY finds a way to ease his Cup pain and more about that offshore Olympic gold. IVOR WILKINS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, THOMAS COVILLE, SAM DAVIES and DOBBS DAVIS

Paul Cayard – Turning the ship around
Go USA! The all-important ‘first’ Olympic medal. Plus Project Pipeline is paying dividends…

IRC – One size does not fit all
A mainstream view from a grand prix expert. JAMES DADD

Design – Opening some very big doors
From the outside the boat just looks beautiful, but Gurit senior engineer SIMON EVEREST looks at the challenges that were hidden away out of view

RORC – A (very) tough act to follow

Seahorse regatta calendar

Seahorse build table – And it’s now on to Mark V!

Sailor of the Month
Two of the biggest guys in the sport… mes amis!