Incredible but true

In the second of our Vendée Globe specials Patrice Carpentier talks to Yves Parlier – among his leading rivals in the 2000/01 race – about an extraordinary Southern Ocean adventure

‘I do not think about the possibility of not continuing. That appears so simple to me. The Vendée Globe for me represents nine years of my life. The Vendée is as a mountain that it is necessary for me to climb until the top.

‘And that Vendée, once again, I have prepared for it since the previous edition. Everything I did after my big paraglider accident, I dedicated myself to this adventure just as a man is nailed to his destiny.’

It is 17 December in the year 2000 somewhere far south in the Pacific Ocean, Yves Parlier has just broken his mast.

The Vendée Globe definitely does not smile at him. However, the intrepid solo navigator does not give up. On the contrary. Through force of determination, intelligence, skill and patience, he will carry out an exploit that even today few believe to be humanly possible. To rebuild a heavy carbon-fibre mast by himself without any help from the outside and to complete the solo race around the world.

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