Man of
the hour

The studio of Jean-Marie Finot once led the world in open class design, their wide and powerful 60-footers winning four Vendée Globes on the bounce between 1992 and 2004. For the current Vendée cycle they have teamed up with designer/racer Antoine Koch, once an intern of the now Finot-Conq office. The new pairing launched two new Imocas just before the Fastnet; distinct from the status quo designs, these two boats look able to not only match the best existing Imocas but in some conditions to sail away from them. Patrice Carpentier – himself another big name in Vendée Globe history – sat down with the man who is today the talk of Lorient

Antoine, born on 14 March 1978 in Paris, is a naval engineer and navigator. At 20 he participated in his first Solitaire du Figaro and finished third rookie. After studying as an engineer at the mechanical engineering school in Compiègne, Koch took the famous naval architecture course in Southampton and then embarked on his first proper offshore race.

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