January 2019


Snorkel time

Floating butler
Bar-keeping and pre-preg… ROB WEILAND

The basics
Pragmatic thinking followed through with confident application is paying good dividends in Maxi world. ANDREW MCIRVINE

The exception that proves the rule? Whatever the underlying reasons no modern raceboat has proved as enduringly successful, and as enduring, as Idec Sport. JOCELYN BLERIOT, VINCENT LAURIOT PREVOST and XAVIER GUILBAU

A whole new language
Following the 2017 Cup Artemis took a major swerve and once the die was cast for AC36 there became no looking back. JOHN NICHOLLS and JAMES BOYD

Brazil 1-2
Wowza… this kid ZARIF is hot. Drops in to race the 2018 Star Worlds and wins, rolls on to the Star Sailors League Finals in Nassau and wins again. JAMES BOYD looks up from his parasol

JUD SMITH is the (mostly) gentle giant of one design keelboat sailing… racing and sailmaking. And in 2018 he moved aft in the J/70 to knock his previous skipper off his perch. CAROL CRONIN

The last 36 hours of ALEX THOMSON’s Route du Rhum campaign got more than its fair share of airplay… though for all the wrong reasons. But the story was not as cut and dried as it looked to some of those observing. FRED AUGENDRE

A quiet year?
Olympic gold medallist and Artemis America’s Cup helm NATHAN OUTTERIDGE certainly expected 2018 to play out more gently… There you go! ANDY RICE talks foils… and the future


Hard at it
North’s answer to the cable-less question

(Thoroughly) recommended
Remembered in (fine) style –Mike Plant

Way to go
Good race-winning tools can be subtle…


Commodore’s letter


welcome return to Cup world and full focus on the new (old) boat (watch this space). Plus things that go crunch… during the day. JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON and NEIL HARVEY

World news
Bits of boat floating everywhere… that ‘Ultimate’ question, FRANCIS heads back to sea (obviously), turning things inside out with DANIEL ANDRIEU and GUILLAUME VERDIER, ROB SHAW and GREG ELLIOTT back cutting wood again, the unstoppable GLENN ASHBY, plus BARRY CARROLL catches up on some much missed soapbox time. PATRICE CARPENTIER, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis Objective>Gameplan>Execution
Keep it in the right order and it’ll work out fine

ORC – A place in the sun
… and you also get to take along your favourite toys (and pals) to play with. SHAUN CARKEEK

Seahorse build table – Something different
This one surely is? TOMMY GONZALEZ

RORC news – Novel
EDDIE WARDEN-OWEN drops the lead

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Put these two on a boat and it’s time to give up