February 2016


A driver of innovation
Maritime chess... JOHN ROUSMANIERE looks ahead to the 50th Anniversary Bermuda Race

Kite strings
It will soon be 10 years since we first experienced the ‘boosted’ string-drop. MARK WISS

Shock and awe – Part 2
A day at the races... that was pretty much all of the on the water action for STEVE CLARK at the Little Cup. But there were compensations...

Lots of horsepower
Going big... in fact very big indeed

A sport of idiosyncracies –Part 2
Who would have guessed that foiling superstar BORA GULARI is also a very handy guy to have along when you go Scow racing. DOBBS DAVIS

Best of both worlds
JESPER BANK keeps his focus upon usage

Happy 10th birthday
MERF OWEN looks back on 10 years of success for one of the most important offshore classes

Busy guy
One man continues to fight to bring the different offshore cultures together... ROB WEILAND talks with a hyperactive ANDREW MCIRVINE

Closing the gap
How well does CFD simulation really stack up against high quality empirical testing? JIM TEETERS and DOBBS DAVIS try to find out

Shine a light
Will solar power taken from your sails get you around the world? ALAIN JANET believes so

Welcome to M32 World
Why one small corner of Sweden will never be quite the same again. ANDY RICE


Commodore’s letter


JACK GRIFFIN on feedback, TERRY HUTCHINSON hits the buffet, ANNA CORBELLA opens the doors and Italian memories of VALENTIN MANKIN

World news
LOÏCK PEYRON feels safe (at 30kt), FREDERIC DENIS in his Mini cave, the strong views of LUCA DEVOTI, (Maxi) kit of parts and Key West 2016. IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis
It’s not just about trying to win, it’s about trying to show everyone else why they are going to lose

ISAF column

ORC column

Design – New horizons
And Farr Yacht Design are (successfully) trying something a little different. EMERSON SMITH

Seahorse build table – (Pretty) fast
Plenty of sail and plenty of righting moment. And plenty of style... UMBERTO FELCI

Seahorse regatta calendar

RORC news

Sailor of the Month
Two of our best performers – afloat and ashore