February 2013


From the front
Volvo Ocean Race CEO KNUT FROSTAD is onside with our campaign to improve engineering safety and MARCELLO PERSICO is getting thoroughly immersed in the VO65 team spirit

BEN AINSLIE tells BLUE ROBINSON about life after London 2012 and of the changing demands of sourcing an America’s Cup sponsorship deal

Quietly beavering away
STEPHANE DYEN and Switzerland’s Hydros Team are working hard to broaden the argument for lifting foils

Olympic retrospective
ANDY RICE reflects on the changes, good and bad, in the Olympic family

A Swedish Mohican?
Leading a French Cup team while consulting to the Swedes, BILL GOGGINS asks how LOICK PEYRON can possibly keep everybody happy…


Commodore’s letter


TERRY HUTCHINSON on 12 months of experience and surprise, WOUTER VERBRAAK studies the Vendée Globe leaders, PETER GILMOUR hangs up his boots, PAUL CAYARD reckons the 2013 Cup has barely begun and BRIAN HANCOCK asks VLAD MURNIKOV to put his case for stepped hull shapes…

World news
VINCENT RIOU’s sorry tale, MIKE GOLDING’s card gets marked, FRANCOIS GABART nicks J-P’s thunder, DAVID LE PELLEY’s school for talent, the Oats gets a nose-job and HPR hits Key West. DOBBS DAVIS, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER

Rod Davis – Passion
And some good ideas on how to go about rediscovering it…

ORC column
A chance to play together at last? JASON KER

Design – Strictly practical
TIM HOUGHTON reports on a pragmatic effort to deliver a foiler for mass consumption

Seahorse build table – Maximum value
JASON KER is bringing a stonkingly priced new 37-footer to the market which will also help test current theories of IRC-ORCi compatibility

Seahorse regatta calendar

RORC news

Sailor of the Month
Two worthy contributors to the wider game