Aussie reflections
BLUE ROBINSON considers some of the other heroes of Olympic sailing and ANDY RICE discusses the perfect race with TOM SLINGSBY

A moose on the loose
Sanya skipper MIKE SANDERSON assesses the performance lessons from Volvo Leg 1 while WOUTER WERBRAAK looks at routing choices

Third time’s a charm? – Part II
BRITT WARD of Farr Yacht Design explains the unusual deck layout decided upon for their VO70 Azzam

Finding balance
Louis Vuitton Cup impresario and former 12 Metre Cup skipper BRUNO TROUBLE is comfortable with how AC34 is shaping up but has concerns for his wine cellar

Rules of engagement (5)
While DAVE HOLLOM likes the big cats but worries whether we are chasing the right rainbow

Design for manufacture – Part I
ANDREW HURST attempts to set out a context for a calm discussion about improving reliability – especially of prototype raceboats ­– plus some case studies from ANDREW MACFARLAN

Cherry picking
While DAN PRIMROSE looks further afield to see if useful lessons can be taken from elsewhere 


Commodore’s letter


RODNEY PATTISSON has words on the way that Olympic sailing is going, as does BLUE ROBINSON – putting on his Finnster hat. Where now for IAN WILLIAMS and for goodness sake, ‘start smiling’ says TERRY HUTCHINSON

World news
Flying on the Big Blue with LOÏCK PEYRON and BRIAN THOMPSON, SAM’s fresh start, CHUNY BERMUDEZ and BUBI SANSO stay focussed, the heritage movement gathers momentum in Auckland and it’s kick-ass for Quantum Key West 2012. PATRICE CARPENTIER, CARLOS PICH, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, DOBBS DAVIS,

Rod Davis – Legitimate disagreement
It’s so great listening to Rod when he’s trying oh-so-hard to stay diplomatic...

ORC – Finessing the offer

Design – Changing the game(sa) – Part II
MERFYN OWEN moves on to the substantial modifications recently made to improve the pace and reliability of Mike Golding’s Vendée steed

RORC news
A change of guard and a look ahead to events further afield... EDDIE WARDEN OWEN

Seahorse build table – Overrated
Save on materials with HUGH WELBOURN’s typically elegant alternative to a Mini 6.50 scow

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
In the spirit of Christmas (huh! – ed) it’s an all-American final for this month...