They rewrote the rulebook

Illingworth & Primrose – a yacht design house bestriding the ocean-racing world alongside and equal in influence to Sparkman & Stephens in the early years of the breakthrough period for ocean racing and yacht design that has led us to where we are today… in the age of flying foilers. Julian Everitt is let loose on one of his favourite topics

Ocean racing is a relative newcomer to the world of racing yachts, of mixed sizes, against one another. True, the Bermuda Race was started in 1906 by the then editor of Rudder Magazine, who believed that a yacht didn’t need to be over 80ft long to be safe at sea. The concept of a race across the open ocean to Bermuda from mainland America proved to be immediately popular, but it wasn’t until 1925 that the second classic ocean race was born in the form of the Fastnet. Sadly yet another world war had then to take place before the third offshore classic – the Sydney to Hobart Race – was born in 1945.

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