A man and his boats

Roger Vaughan revisits three legendary yachts owned by Arthur Curtiss James, the last of the railroad barons and one of the men who ran America in the 1930s. But born with a fascination for the sea that would turn into a passion for sailing on blue water, James’s enthusiasm would at first exceed his capabilities…

If one of the great yachts of its day hadn’t been rigged, crewed and ready to sail at (and under) his command, it might have been different. In his wisdom, had D Willis James craftily provided Coronet as an irresistible alternative for his sailing-obsessed son? Since his graduation from Amherst in 1890 Arthur had been taking courses at New York Nautical College to earn his master’s papers. Since childhood he had been reading books about ocean voyages under sail. He was hopelessly drawn to the sea.

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