November 2017


In the new Cup Protocol TP52s are exempt from a ban on ‘Surrogate Yachts’ – only a part of the reason nine TP52s are in build. ROB WEILAND

Now that is the question…
There are obviously cases to be made, some class specific, for and against one-design. But one-design everything? Just some things? Then which things? KEN READ revisits the broad perspective

A level playing field… of his own
JEAN-PIERRE KELBERT and JPK in-house designer JACQUES VALER are second to none in turning out IRC winners. The queue for their next boat is second to none too…

Behind the scenery
Seen off the boat the mechanics always look to operate pretty seamlessly onboard the modern J Boat. But all that glistens… TED STREET

When lower is higher
The foiler Moth has hit new highs of technical performance and the focus swings back on sailing technique. Between them the Cup guys and Olympic champions have it nailed. Current design no1 KEVIN ELLWAY talks to ANDY RICE

Strong foundations
After running America’s Cup 35 IAIN MURRAY is home overseeing Australian racing. But his own Cup hopes never went away… BLUE ROBINSON


Fast boats just got faster
Fast enough for Franck Cammas and tough enough for all you lot!

Bambino veloce
It’s that Italian thing at work again. Small (petite…), beautiful, very fast

Flavour of the year
Multihull racers of a few years ago would be amazed what these boats do

Warmer, drier, fresher
Boats getting faster also means getting wetter; so clothing demands only go up

Life on deck just got easier
More Italian flair but this time it’s the tradition of engineering excellence


Commodore’s letter


Devils, details, a second French ‘Vendée’ and our columnist gets an America’s Cup team (which is handy!) JACK GRIFFIN, ROB KOTHE and TERRY HUTCHINSON. Plus some special words on the entente from the always magnificent SIR ROBIN KNOX-JOHNSTON (a walking advert for the virtues of ocean racing, BTW)

World news
The remarkable people of the Caribbean. The TJV Grand Cru, go the ‘new’ Multi 50, inside (2021) track, US back in the game. GRANT DALTON, IVOR WILKINS, KEN READ, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis – you’re the judge that matters
The master-coach is already preparing for his own next big regatta… read on

Optimising for The Hague
Which promises to be one hell of a good day at school for everyone concerned… JASON KER

Design – Look back in pleasure
Considering what has been created from scratch in a relatively few years… a revelation awaits. SEAN MCMILLAN

RORC – Almost straight swap

Seahorse regatta calendar

Seahorse build table – A new generation
One-design studio has seven of those nine new TP52s. There’s always a reason. MARCELINO BOTIN and ADOLFO CARRAU

Sailor of the Month
The Cold War Edition