December 2015


From the top
The Maxi72s have come of age and the TP52s… three years ahead of the curve! ROB WEILAND

The Ullman magic – Part II
More championships (now with lead attached) and sailing blindfold offshore. TOM LINSKEY

A moment to reflect
TIM JEFFERY and a fascinating introduction to the new America’s Cup establishment’

The Machete manifesto
With generous foresight DAVID ‘Son of Cogito’ CLARK has just about persuaded us to get out the chequebook. Now see what you think...

Moving on
The first 10 years have flashed by; now there are not one but two new foiling cats on the horizon for the Extreme Sailing Series. ANDY TOURELL


Commodore’s letter


JACK GRIFFIN on the oil crisis hitting the AC50s, TERRY HUTCHINSON gives the nod to a good (young) man, a cruel month for Italy’s ANDREA MURA, welcome back SORC, plus HERBERT PEARCEY and not flying on modern aeroplanes

World news
Twenty (sic) Imoca 60s come out to play, MARC VAN PETEGHEM on moustaches, first 100ft solo tri gets rolling, the prolific JIM YOUNG, SANDY OATLEY and those not so minor changes to The Oats… plus approaching the end of the tunnel. IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, CARLOS PICH, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis
ISAF, Rio 2016 and why things are not always as simple as they sometimes appear from the outside

ISAF column
And why empty fuel cans will no longer meet offshore flotation regulations. STAN HONEY

ORC Column
Good progress, but is the ORC rule yet to be tested in anger? DOBBS DAVIS

Design – Wings work!
Many words have already been spoken but in Argentina NICOLAS GOLDENBERG and a strong technical team have been busy turning some of those words into deeds…

Seahorse build table – Forza!
And MATTEO POLLI has come up with the latest iteration of the Italian racer-cruiser model

Seahorse regatta calendar

RORC news

Sailor of the Month
Tenacious… and generous