Ever wonder what it would be like to sail on the winged cat in an America's Cup World Series race? Come with me, while I take you aboard as a 'guest racer'.

Guest racers are not a new concept, we have had them in the America's Cup since 1992. The Extreme 40 has also made liberal use of the concept. Let's define the guest racer: they are a guest on the boat, they don't take part in sailing it, but share the experience. Guest racers are there for every moment, and see the good, the bad and the ugly. If the skipper has a meltdown the guest racer knows it.

First, you need to get suited up. That requires foul-weather gear, a lifejacket, gloves, knee pads and helmet, all in the team colours. Since you're with us, Emirates Team New Zealand, you will be in basic black (always fashionable!).

Your new suit does limit the freedom in your arms and legs a wee bit and you will notice the crew are dressed in custom gear (still in basic black), with shin guards and lighter helmets. The difference is they are about to do an insane aerobic workout for the next 50 minutes, while you are going to watch and learn. And hopefully hang on.

The other thing you won't notice, because you have it on, is your helmet. Yours will have a green stripe on the top of it. That is a good thing; it means you get picked out of the water first if it all goes pear-shaped! Well, that's the theory.

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