First semester
KEVIN SPROUL reviews a first Audi MedCup season in the thick of the growing Soto 40 fleet

Bridging the divide
IAIN PERCY tells ANDY RICE about Stars, his latest America's Cup programme, and why he is no fan at all of the winner-take-all regatta finale

No dumbing down
Someone else with distinct 'old school' views about the fundamentals is designer JUAN KOUYOUMDJIAN who cautions against putting quantity ahead of quality 

Textiles to composites Part V – Beyond sailmaking
BILL PEARSON widens the remit to look at some of the virtues – and limitations – of thin ply processes outside the sailmaking industry

Proof of concept
BRAD BUTTERWORTH and Wally founder LUCA BASSANI explain the logic behind a new, large and rather tasty one design class...

The 2013 America's Cup story so far... reviewed by MITCH BOOTH and ANDY RICE

Riding with the Spit
BLUE ROBINSON goes AC45 sailing... with the Australian 2010 America's Cup-winning skipper


Commodore's letter


BERNIE CASE reckons it's nothing to do with rating systems, TERRY HUTCHINSON has some words for careless internet-users, ANDY HEMMINGS on life in the Irish Sea, and ROSS FIELD describes the road to his first Global Ocean Race – in a Class 40 with his son Campbell

World news
A new boat for Lionel, first blood to the MOD 70s, Swiss speed-sailing, New Zealand rowers look further afield... the Big Fella remains (typically) focussed, and a boost for American boatbuilding aspirants. With PATRICE CARPENTIER, ROB MUNDLE, IVOR WILKINS, JEAN-GUY PYTHON, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis
And could this be a long-overdue sales brochure for AC45 sailing?

ORC – Fast, fun, affordable
Hawaii-based designer JIM DONOVAN is a strong supporter of the little GP26 'box ruler'

RORC news

Design – Surprise entrant
Now flying solo, SHAUN CARKEEK is joining the rush to 'modernistic' new mid-size designs

Seahorse build table – Owner-driven
BLUE ROBINSON talks to JONO MORRIS and HARRY DUNNING about Dunning's own stunning and recently-launched 38-foot creation

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
The kings and queens of the owner-drivers...