Once is too often – Part I

Dan Houston’s disturbing coverage (Update) of the separate loss – on the same day – of two yachtsmen racing in the English Channel in rough but far from extreme weather prompts us to look again at a subject that can never be revisited enough. Across the pond Rich du Moulin and the Storm Trysail Club have never eased up in their ongoing efforts to improve the safety of yachtsmen at sea. Du Moulin brings us up to date with some of their latest learnings

Advances in MOB recovery
My years of association with the RORC and here in the USA with the Storm Trysail Club, and also the seamanship committees of CCA, NYYC and US Sailing, have given me the opportunity to be involved with some of the best offshore sailors. My primary focus has been on Leadership and Safety at Sea (SAS) – opposite sides of the same coin since you can’t have one without the other. In this two-part series (thank you, Editor Andrew!) we will focus on advancements in MOB recovery. Some of the ideas and observations are mine, but the practices and recommendations are a blend of the inputs from figures including Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Stan and Sally Honey, Chuck Hawley in California, Dick York, Adam Loory and Kelly Robinson in New York, and too many others to name.

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