August 2021


Showing the genes

Poles of contention
ROB WEILAND is entertained by all the froth created by an archaic piece of sailing equipment

Clicks of chance
Not bad… CAROL CRONIN catches up with ONNE VAN DER WAL, the first onboard reporter and a Whitbread Round the World Race winner

Crazy Jack
His words not ours… PATRICE CARPENTIER discovers what it means to be the famous JACK SETTON

Cents on the dollar
The editor has been dreaming up some initiatives to try to arrest the drain of teenage sailing talent

Getting here
Turns out that it has always been the foils, not the hulls, not the sails, not even the trophies that have kept JULIAN BETHWAITE awake all these years


Tailored to perfection

The best begat the best

Fast clothing – why not?

You cannot be serious!

On top of his brief

A career without end

Killer cool

Make your own rules

Push each other on


Commodore’s letter


Cork, Cowes, why not Lausanne… currently the very last place that looks likely to be hosting the next America’s Cup is Auckland, New Zealand. A très promising-looking new offshore initiative and some weird (British) goings-on in Bermuda… JOE LACEY, YVES GINOUX, JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, ROB KOTHE, JIMMY SPITHILL, BEN AINSLIE, PHIL ROBERTSON

World news
A (very) careless Imoca, Fig 3s pass the (latest) test, the rapid new generation of Class40s fight it out (between them), why the Multi50s are finally looking sustainable, STEVE DASHEW wouldn’t but luckily there is someone else who will, the long fight back from the trauma of Beijing and a very classy Annapolis story begins a new chapter. THOMAS COVILLE, YOANN RICHOMME, CARLOS PICH, TOM SLINGSBY, DOBBS DAVIS, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER, SAM GOODCHILD, LUKE BERRY

Rod Davis – Things I wish I’d known!
Move on from the pursuit of perfection, for one

ORC – First impressions
A small but extremely upmarket fleet was trying out the new ORC multihull rule in Porto Cervo. ANDY CLAUGHTON and DOBBS DAVIS

RORC – Getting there

Seahorse build table – Innovation goes ‘wild’
Wild as in yachts plucked from nature, that is…

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
And another face-off between the colonies, chaps