June 2019



Lowell North leaves a legacy like no one else in sailing. KEN READ, PETER HARKEN, GARY WEISMAN, VINCE BRUN, DOBBS DAVIS

Our different approaches
Calm, cool, collected… ROB WEILAND

Intuitive... and eclectic
There is one new Imoca more eagerly awaited than any other. JOCELYN BLERIOT talks to France’s quietest yacht designer SAM MANUARD

Big picture
Since he retired from professional sailing 2014/15 Volvo Race winner IAN WALKER has been juggling several different areas of focus. Keep GBR at the top of the racing tree but, even more important, find ways to keep feeding – and nourishing – the grass roots of the sport

Why it matters
CHRIS DRAPER talks to MATT SHEAHAN about the leaps in foiling cat technology that have been made in the short time since Bermuda 2017

Big fish are (already) biting
DON MACINTYRE is not a man to sit idle. Only weeks after the last finisher in the Golden Globe crossed the line he already has a much ‘bigger’ feast to digest, as he explains to ROB KOTHE

Some makeover
Swiss Vendée Globe skipper ALAN ROURA has a plan. To execute it on time at the right price he turned to Finot-Conq’s DAVID DE PREMOREL


The power of three

Not just making stuff

Among the penguins

A fine tradition

The right tools

Transquadra weapon

Marginal gains

Pick your lighthouse


Commodore’s letter


Know unknowns, frenzied, the big boys pile into the flying Minis, La Solitaire… plus an abundance of IRC jewellery. And young lad, what young lad? JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, , WILL HARRIS, CHRISTIAN BOUROULLEC, ERWAN TYMEN, PATRICE CARPENTIER

World news
Too many winners… Team New Zealand duck the safe option (again), the prolific Real Club Náutico, a word for the big fellas, flushed out on the way to Hawaii. CARLOS PICH, IVOR WILKINS, YOANN RICHOMME, KEVIN SHOEBRIDGE, PATRICE CARPENTIER, BLUE ROBINSON, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis – Building a better mouse trap
Looking under the skin of that ‘special stuff’

ORC – Nice idea
For once the wind blew and the result was probably the best worlds yet. DOBBS DAVIS

The right boats in the right box
ANDREW MCIRVINE tiptoes his way around an understandably sensitive group of customers

52 Super Series – Relentless
This year’s favourite is so far living up to the billing. HARM MÜELLER-SPREER, TOBIAS KOHL, ANDI ROBERTSON

Seahorse build table – Better and better

RORC news – Pimm’s on the lawn?

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
A great coach… an extraordinary sailor