An extraordinary vintage
– Part I

Steve Benjamin is one of the most enduringly successful sailors in the world – but his is a long career that goes way beyond turning up and winning races. Trevor Davis is one of countless young sailors given their first big break by ‘Benj’ so it seemed only right and proper to ask Trevor’s dad Dobbs to give his modest old buddy a bit of a gentle grilling…

The early years
The story behind May’s Seahorse Sailor of the Month is much, much more than our short blurb reveals… Steve Benjamin is only one of a handful of sailors in the world today who can be said to be completely, deeply and meaningfully immersed in this sport. From nearly any angle – dinghies, keelboats, offshore boats and even classics – Benj has demonstrated not only prowess on the racecourse but a passionate interest in the details that benefit everyone around him, whether they are crew mates, competitive peers, colleagues in any of several organisations that he devotes time to improve, or friends and family.

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