August 2017



Smashed it!
Well, that was a week and a half. PETE BURLING, IVOR WILKINS, GRANT DALTON

Smarter in the lab and smarter on the water
Was everyone looking in the wrong place? ANDY CLAUGHTON

It was one hell of an America’s Cup match to be commentating on for TV. KEN READ

Confessions of a Cup addict
Or to put it another way, the ability to change your mind gracefully… IAN WALKER

In praise of flexibility
Is there now the critical mass needed to get a bit more ambitious with some new formats for international offshore events? ROB WEILAND

Designing the closest thing yet to a purpose-built ORC race yacht involved some overdue analysis of IRC/ORC performance vs rating comparatives. TOM HUMPHREYS and DOBBS DAVIS

Historic context
Volvo – and Whitbread – race veterans BRAD JACKSON (who is going again) and PAUL STANDBRIDGE (who is definitely not going again) look at race editions old and (very) new

Built (fast) to last
For many years ALEX THOMSON has bucked the wider trend with his choice of sailmaker for Hugo Boss. RICHARD BOUZAID, DAVID DUFF and MIKE SANDERSON have been there with the British skipper every step of the way

Too soon?
JAMES BOYD is excited by changes for the next Volvo race but highlights some of the less obvious technical hurdles that will need to be addressed


Sounds familiar?
Overdue – a new challenge between nations

(Fast) horses for courses
A small degree of compromise can pay dividends

New horizons
And a (very sexy) 50th birthday celebration

Breathe easier
Preserving the gap… and with it the warmth

Watch your back
This time it’s the rise of the transistors…

The ClubSwan 50 success story is spreading

The last straw…
But inch by inch we’ll get there

Timeless (and fast)
‘Wide-ranging success’ is a suitable moniker


Commodore’s letter


Pistol Pete, upset Norwegians, tradition still rules (the Cup) – but not the (Cup) answers you might expect from one successful America’s Cup sailor. TERRY HUTCHINSON, IVOR WILKINS, RAY DAVIES, JACK GRIFFIN and CORINNE ROLLAND-MCKENZIE

World news
The shorthanded boom continues, AIS safety, the mighty Macif, CONRAD COLMAN’s (incredibly) close shave, bumps on the way to Tokyo 2020 and Key West lament. PATRICE CARPENTIER, IVORWILKINS, ROB KOTHE, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davies
Team New Zealand’s match racing coach (natch) asks if you like living off the smell of an oily rag?

Design – Higher (and wider)
The 39ben is not a (wrong) birthday for the Land Rover BAR skipper but it does mark a radical step for another famous yacht racing name. ALEX VROLIJK and JOCHEN RIEKER

RORC – Going good

Seahorse regatta calendar

Seahorse build table – More splash less cash?
Fast and (more) affordable. BEN ROGERSON

Sailor of the Month
No-compromise dedication to the task at hand