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Marc Lombard Design have teamed up with successful Mini 6.50 builder Yann Dube at Chantier Ofcet to create the first (ever) purpose designed and built IRC shorthanded racer

Yann Dube is the co-founder of Chantier Ofcet, the boatyard behind the Ofcet 650s that took first and second place in last year’s Mini-Transat. He is currently building the Ofcet 32 – arguably the first IRC design aimed solely at the doublehanded offshore IRC market – with several boats already sold. Eric Levet is a senior naval architect from the Marc Lombard Design Group which has designed the Ofcet 32…

Seahorse: First of all, Yann, congratulations on your Mini-Transat success in the Series division; but what led you to build these specialist boats?

Yann Dube: I began my career as an aeronautical engineer, while my friend and business partner Mathieu Piquelé was a professional sailor. In 2008 we co-founded a boat-maintenance company in La Rochelle called Prepa Nautic. By 2013 we were well established with over 60 clients spanning IRC racers, Mini 6.50s and cruising boats. Then in 2014 we decided the time was right to build a new generation of Mini 6.50 for the 2015 Mini Transat.


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