Stunning start
TP52 class manager ROB WEILAND is in the best possible position to assess this year's fleet

Turbocled tubercles
It's not just Paul Bieker who is onto the merits of these strange lumpy bits... GUY WHITEHOUSE 

Light. Bulb. Moment
Time to look more closely at the rotations and inner workings of Ian Oatley's extraordinary new Reichel-Pugh design. BLUE ROBINSON

Cutting the corner
If you thought that ACRM's AC72 design package for 'general sale' was going to be a bit average, then think again... says ANDY CLAUGHTON

Two heads better
JASON KER and DAVE LENZ do not just put fast new IRC boats on the water together, they are also getting to be pretty good at speeding up some of the older ones

Trick boards (postscript)
DAVE HOLLOM's piece on the merits of gybing foils and trim-tabs got you going... enough for Hollom to now revisit some of the points raised


Commodore's letter


TERRY HUTCHINSON dodges some carnage, BLUE ROBINSON has thoughts on best use of those Volvo media slots, HANNAH MILLS and SASKIA CLARK turn up the heat in Weymouth and DEE SMITH ends up back where he began!

World news
Farewell to Hubert, Cammas gets going, Rogers (Simon) scores in Normandy, Soto 40s everywhere, Coutts comes clean, sailing the MOD 70 and (another) false start for US Sailing. PATRICE CARPENTIER, CARLOS PICH, VINCENT GILLIOZ, IVOR WILKINS, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis
Why it's all about the right here, right now

Olympic and small boat news – It's been a great ride
MARK ASQUITH reckons that the 'new' 49er is coming good at the perfect time ahead of London 2012

ORC column
MAURIZIO COSSUTTI thinks that fast boats are go – and not just in IRC

RORC news

Design – Four out of six
ROLF VROLIJK explains why he decided that the time was right to introduce some more variety into the TP52 design solution for this year's boats

Seahorse build table – So far so (very) good
MICHAEL APPLI is delighted with the initial pace of his prototype DSS sportsboat

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Time for some international recognition...