April 2024


Nice thought

ROB WEILAND (bravely) delves into the thorny world of campaign budgets. He is also very much unimpressed with the latest actions of US Sailing

Big Fella – Part I
BLUE MURRAY spends a memorable day talking with IAIN MURRAY, skiff champion, America’s Cup skipper and designer, Olympic sailor, real estate developer and perhaps the most powerful ‘influencer’ in Australian sailing

Wheat from chaff
When Italian designer MATTEO POLLI upped his already strong focus on green boat building there were going to be no half measures

You can run but you can’t hide
DAN HOUSTON has a particular soft spot for the simple, sleek, fast and efficiently-constructed Carriacou sloops of the Grenadine island chain

30 years and it’s only just begun
That’s how long charismatic Italian skipper GIOVANNI SOLDINI has been knocking round at the front of ocean racing and record breaking. So quite late in the career to take on what is easily his biggest and most high-profile project ever...


A promising start

Race of the (almost) midnight sun

One boat for many modes of sailing


Commodore’s letter


A new FD, getting impatient in Barcelona and a fast new face at the helm. TIM JEFFERY, DEB FISH, JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON

World News
A good year for Italy, too many Minis, essential multihull equipment (needs feeding), coming IRC revolution (it’ll be good fun, though), a brutal Sydney Hobart Race – but a tough little yacht and crew, FEDE WAKSMAN rocks for Uruguay and US Sailing... ‘you cannot be serious!’ DOBBS DAVIS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, CARLOS PICH, IVOR WILKINS, MAGNUS WHEATLEY

Rod Davis – Right turn, Clyde
Time to go around the leeward mark

Sam Goodchild – rosbif très rapide
And our new Seahorse columnist has a very big year ahead of him...

IRC Column – Balancing act
Those new IRC sail regs. JENNY HOWELLS

Seahorse build table – Hard to believe
1960s multihull genius. JULIAN EVERITT

RORC – Nearly there

Still greatly missed
Magnificent former columnist GARY MULL

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month