April 2021


A flawless racing performance

Brim to overflowing
TIM JEFFERY remembers the extraordinary working and racing lives of BOB FISHER

A bean counter’s perspective
ROB WEILAND considers the financial realities of campaigning at the highest levels of the sport

An unprecedented edition
If there is one thing for which the latest Vendée Globe will be remembered it will be as the closest round-the-world race ever – and in any discipline. PATRICE CARPENTIER

When the music stops
There has been little if anything that has been predictable about America’s Cup 36. ANDY CLAUGHTON

Quite the machine
The much trailed TF35 semi-automatic foiler was scheduled to debut 12 months ago. Now at last the show is about to begin. DIRK KRAMERS

Reality check
CARLOS PICH and JUAN KOUYOUMDJIAN analyse the performance of the three different types of Imoca 60 racing the latest Vendée Globe and look forward to the options for building new

Just say ‘yes’
Hard to encapsulate the remarkable and diverse various careers of STAN and SALLY HONEY. However, CAROL CRONIN has done her best


When three hulls win

Beyond beautiful

Unparalleled style

Spot on

At a store near you

Only the best will do

The easier the better


Commodore’s letter


A brutal way to leave, VPLP regroup, the four solutions to the AC75 riddle, understanding (and dodging) the big Imoca catastrophes and are we looking at a fleet of obsolete solo oceanic racers? TERRY HUTCHINSON, JACK GRIFFIN, PATRICE CARPENTIER, ROBERT LAINE

World news
Welcome to the new Ultims, FRANCIS JOYON… the master returns, back and forth in Auckland, minding your fences. Plus America and the America’s Cup, and just how deep are the problems? GLENN ASHBY, PETER ISLER, ED BAIRD, PETER HOLMBERG, RONAN LUCAS, DOBBS DAVIS, PATRICE CARPENTIER, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON

Rod Davis – Carpe diem for all
We have an opportunity – now we need to grab it

ORC – Responding to the market
Which means consolidating the rule structure to race under. STAN HONEY and DOBBS DAVIS

RORC – An absorbing interest

Seahorse build table – Something special(ised)
DOBBS DAVIS looks at a tempting and accessible new shorthanded offering from HANS GENTHE

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Great sailors, great adventures… and great stories