April 2020


A question of balance

Things that go bump
Some (important) people have yet to be convinced about the merits of carbon rigs… ROB WEILAND

JULIAN EVERITT looks at the far-reaching influence that three generations of the FRERS family have had on yacht design

Proven concept next stage
LEONARDO FERRAGAMO explains to MATT SHEAHAN the thinking behind Nautor’s Swan’s bold leap into the future

Time to take stock
When someone else has a go at adding a different keel to your own well-proven yacht design… then it falls off, well, that is not helpful. JASON KER

Phenomenal phenomenal
TOM WHIDDEN is the sailor who was closest to DENNIS CONNER through that extraordinary America’s Cup career. He talks to his Magic Carpet3 shipmate BLUE ROBINSON about the pain of Newport and getting it right in Fremantle

You’ve got it (so use it)
RICHIE WILSON has done extraordinary things during his two Vendée Globe campaigns. BRIAN HANCOCK suggest others should follow his lead

‘Honey, I bought a wreck’ – DETLEF JENS


No bigger ask

No limits

Down to the detail

New in every sense

Opening eyes

Across the Tasman


Commodore’s letter


Going bonkers with DON MCINTYRE, lifting smoothly with TERRY HUTCHINSON, nailing (more of) it down with JACK GRIFFIN, clearing it up with ANDY CLAUGHTON, remembering our friend PAOLO MASSARINI and the audience wades in on stinky ribs and low-hanging fruit

World news
Strong in the Atlantic (and la Manche), refining the water ballast, an IRC get-together, ghosting in Mahurangi, upping the pace for Newport and preparing for the worst. PATRICE CARPENTIER, DOBBS DAVIS, CHRIS SALTHOUSE, JEAN-PIERRE KELBERT, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, JEAN-PHILIPPE CAU, GERY TRENTESAUX, DANIEL ANDRIEU

Rod Davis – Hold the line
Make the plan, don’t be phased, focus on the war

ORC – One for us
Building a boat for Newport but more important we’re building a boat for us. MARTIN BILLOCH

TP52 – Windy start
And opening the TP52 Super Series in Cape Town has changed the game… ANDI ROBERTSON

RORC news – Time to get moving

Seahorse build table – Now there’s a thought
But why did it take so long... MATTEO POLLI

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
We’re glad it’s not us who has to choose