Every custom yacht needs a vision. More than just a design brief, rather a broader and larger statement of the ultimate objective. This was a bolder vision than most...

Baltic 142 DSS
In the depths of winter at Baltic Yachts in Jakobstad, Finland, the finishing touches are being applied to a new 142ft sailing yacht that on New Year’s Day was already being hailed as ‘the most anticipated superyacht launch of 2019’. The product of tens of thousands of hours of design, engineering and construction, and unfettered free-range thinking, this is a yacht that draws upon a host of innovative technologies and has the potential to redefine the sailing superyacht for years to come.

The owner, a longtime Baltic Yachts client and an experienced yachtsman with several circumnavigations to his credit, had developed a comprehensive set of objectives for the project. He was adamant that he did not want the last or even the best yacht of the previous generation. Bringing decades of sailing experience to bear on the decision-making path, he was prepared to consider every possible option to achieve the yacht that would embody his vision, and beyond.

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