April 2018


State of the ‘art’

It gets no easier
Gentlemen and players... ROB WEILAND

On to the next one
It won’t be there in Japan but it may very well be there when you get to Paris. ROB KOTHE

The multihull era
The time of the monohulls has passed. Now it is the time of the multihull... or it was. ERIC HALL

It’s not just business
The man in ultimate charge of Dongfeng’s Chinese-backed Volvo Race programme GUILLAUME SEMBLAT explains the limitations of the purely commercial model to TOM MULLEN

Essential staff
PETER HARKEN has few doubts about the identity of some of the most important contributors to the ongoing Harken story

The great Victorian
... and a gentleman yachtsman with a very, very long name. JOHN ROUSMANIERE


Spot the join?

Hybrid agility


That was quick

The genie’s out the bottle




Commodore’s letter


The flying Banque Populaire IX in detail; don’t buy it use it; let’s ditch the (damn) triangle; running a Cup campaign is some kind of a job. Plus be in no doubt... we are going to capsize. JACK GRIFFIN, SCOTT DICKSON, PETER HEPPEL,TERRY HUTCHINSON

World news
ARMEL LE CLEAC’H is a happy man, the Class40 is still nuts, a lot of truth in the Kiwi legend, BILL MACARTNEY’S latest TV spectacular gets underway. Plus this time we will to make it to Bermuda (really). PATRICE CARPENTIER, BLUE ROBINSON, DOBBS DAVIS, IVOR WILKINS

Rod Davis – Just the three
When you finally get right down to it, it really is that simple

ORC – A new experience (for all)
And a time to learn... as the ORC and IRC fleets compete together at long last at the Hague

Design – Job done
Last summer Turkey’s Provezza Team added the Dragon world title to their trophy cabinet. Coach and technical co-ordinator RON ROSENBURG was there for every step of a long, ambitious, complex and faultlessly executed journey...

RORC news
And a celebration of sorts! EDDIE WARDEN-OWEN

Seahorse regatta calendar

Seahorse build table – Flashing it up
And it’s swanky new foils for an ‘old’ favourite

Sailor of the Month
You don’t have to be a spring chicken, you know!