March 2016


Rating racing boats is very hard; a lack of money will always make it harder. ROB WEILAND

Coming for a fleet near you...
French sailmaker Incidence is best known for winning events like the Vendée Globe and the Trophy Jules Verne. That’s all about to change

Where to guv’nor?
Why Olympic gold medals no longer automatically translate into a big boat career. IAN WALKER

Of devils and details – Part 2
Raceboat systems engineer JON WILLIAMS talks live transmission

Unique is just a word
(Brilliant) Russian designer-buildersailor VIKTOR YAZYKOV and the editor go back a long way together. But he still remains in thrall!

A lot is expected of the M32 cats this year... and a lot of it is already being delivered. ANDY RICE

Old timer
Fifty and counting... JOHN ROUSMANIERE plots a fast course across the Gulf Stream

Every horse has its course
KEN READ talks sails, boards, boat balance... and supermaxi logistics with BLUE ROBINSON


Commodore’s letter


JACK GRIFFIN on the AC meat-grinder, TERRY HUTCHINSON on air miles, ROB MUNDLE on BOB OATLEY plus HP30 and Admiral’s Cup feedback. Plus an(other) OLAF HARKEN epic...

World news
JEREMIE BEYOU goes straight, STU WILSON gets back on the wire, GRANT DALTON is (still) on the trail and Storm Trysail pulls it off (in style). IVOR WILKINS, DOBBS DAVIS, BLUE ROBINSON, PATRICE CARPENTIER

Rod Davis
Time to get out the crystal ball

ORC column

World Sailing

Design – As big as it gets (for now)
DENIS GLEHEN, HERVE DEVAUX and a (big) new mast for Ms Bertarelli’s (big) Spindrift 2

Seahorse build table – First for a while
And a new 5.5m for an Elvstrøm anniversary. JOHAN JOENSEN and JØRGEN JENSEN

Seahorse regatta calendar

RORC news

Sailor of the Month
Champions both...