A contradiction in terms?
NIC COMPTON takes us through the evolution and mysteries of the CIM Rule – now the de facto ­system of choice for ‘modern’ classic yacht racing

The (new) benchmark
JASON CARRINGTON argues that the CNC milled tooling process will soon be an essential component in the build of a contemporary grand prix racing yacht

Design for manufacture – Part III
ANDREW MACFARLAN takes an automotive composites engineer’s look at design and build processes with an example of a ‘different’ way to approach a large composite keel fin

The best of all worlds?
CBTF twin foil technology co-creator BILL BURNS and America’s Cup veteran CHRIS TODTER are among those behind an innovative and affordable new design testing methodology


Commodore’s letter


MIKE SANDERSON is not having the easiest of Volvo Ocean Races, TERRY HUTCHINSON  celebrates the success that is Key West Race Week, PAUL ‘THE OTHER POPE’ HENDERSON is backing Rodney all the way, WOUTER  VERBRAAK analyses tactical performances on VOR Leg 3 and SIR RUSSELL COUTTS is tired of the negativity around the 34th America’s Cup

World news
CAMMAS’s boys are on the up, a new home for the Tour Voile, the Vendée list grows, new colours for Hydroptère, IAIN MURRAY’s horsepower concerns continue, JIMMY SPITHILL’s (bruising) busman’s holiday, Hamilton Island’s siren call, and the politics of Key West 2012. With PATRICE CARPENTIER, IVOR WILKINS, CARLOS PICH, BLUE ROBINSON, DOBBS DAVIS

Rod Davis – Clear the bench
Because now we’re going to design ourselves an AC72 catamaran...

Olympic and small boat news – Serious times
LIJIA ‘LILY’ XU talks to BLUE ROBINSON about human optimisation. Plus, will they be ‘Doing a Bradbury’ in 2013?

ORC Column – Easy access

Design – Attention to the detail
AXEL DE BEAUFORT and an honest look at the performance gulf between raceboats and cruisers

RORC news

Seahorse build table – Sizing things up
MATT WOOD and TORBJøRN LINDERSON take a new approach for the Gunboat 55 sailplan

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
Two wise – and pretty fast – old men of the sea!

Photo by Chris Cameron