Neo 570c
Bari-based Neo Yachts has followed the success of the 400 and 350 with its most audacious reach yet for the edge of the racer cruiser envelope. The Carkeek designed Neo 570c is targeting the performance of a modern TP52 with the comforts of a cruising design.

December 2018


Man and machine

Done and dusted
That one was a battle. ROB WEILAND

One for the route
LOÏCK PEYRON talks to JOCELYN BLERIOT about overcoming his transat phobia…

Faster faster
If all goes to plan the SailGP series’s new F50 foilers will leave the AC50s of Bermuda trailing in their wakes. MIKE DRUMMOND, NICK HOLROYD and JAMES BOY

Rodeo time – Part I
This Rhum should make some people very happy… and others rather sad – especially in their pockets. VINCENT LAURIOT-PRÉVOST, QUENTIN LUCET, DANIELE CAPUA and JOCELYN BLERIOT

A head for sailing
Time to get serious. GORDON UPTON

Flying the flag
Former Luna Rossa helmsman CHRIS DRAPER was one of the first to be recruited by the new SailGP programme. He talks to JAMES BOYD

Come fly with me
Man, this one’s been a while. DAVE HOLLOM and MIKE LENNON give you the ‘Thinnair’


It’s a gift

Moose on the loose

Hard core

Front foot

Not just racing

Stiff competition


Commodore’s letter


Different rules, interesting times, suited and booted… plus the man on the stick. CARLOS PICH, JACK GRIFFIN, TERRY HUTCHINSON, GUILLERMO PARADA, BLUE ROBINSON

World news
The ‘Mega’ du Rhum, (Cup) money starts to arrive in Auckland, a remarkable (TP52) history, one of the true nice guys. Plus time to take off all the wrapping… DOBBS DAVIS, NACHO POSTIGO, PATRICE CARPENTIER, CARLOS PICH, IVOR WILKINS, BLUE ROBINSON, MARCUS BLACKMORE

Rod Davis – Fact from fiction
America’s Cup 36… sit back and enjoy the show

ORC – Positive signals
Actually it all went rather well. BRUNO FINZI

Seahorse build table – There is a choice
It’s not only about the big multihulls (though they can be quite pleasant). TOM HUMPHREYS

RORC news – Truly classic
It’s getting close to ‘check your broadband’ time

Seahorse regatta calendar

Sailor of the Month
The American Civil War… Hmm, not exactly