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‘Believe me, I hate to give my little brother credit for anything, but he hit it out the park with this one and also won the longterm support of the Rhode Island government for sailing’ – Kenny Read; ‘A good stop needs a village, but a village needs a leader’ – Charlie Dana; ‘And Brad also helps so many kids into sailing’ – George Bekris; ‘Definitely the best stopover of modern times’ – Daniel Forster; ‘131,000 people at a sailing event. In the USA. That is some result…’ – Gunther Buerman. ‘Flawless job’ – Mick Harvey.
Sailor of the Month KNUT FROSTAD (NOR)
Newport’s success was another endorsement of the remarkable tricks that Norway’s former Volvo 60 skipper and now Volvo Race CEO, Frostad, pulled off in steering the event back from the brink with his series of risky and radical changes. Frostad reshaped the race totally; shared boatyard facilities, one-designs that were robust enough but also fast enough – it all came off perfectly
Sailor of the month IAN WALKER (GBR)
All that this two-time Olympic medallist ever asked for to burnish his round-the-world credentials was a boat that was ‘no slower’ than his rivals. That was certainly not the case the last time around and his previous – race debut – experience was even worse. This time however Walker got the level playing field he wanted and promptly delivered on his own expectations. At times Dongfeng threatened, but Walker the tactician kept control

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