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Seahorse Sailor of the Month

If there is one ringing endorsement for the principle of moving the America’s Cup into multihulls then the way that the ‘new Cup’ has provided a high visibility outlet for the talent of small boat sailors like the 8-time A-Class world champion is right up there. Ashby was Jimmy Spithill’s main ‘go-to’ source of advice when he was getting to grips with Oracle’s giant USA-17 in 2010 and he was at the very heart of Grant Dalton’s team in 2013. No surprise that the Kiwis moved so fast to get his name on a contract for 2017.
How great was it to see the Sydney 2000 Olympic gold medallists and former Star world champions back in action together at this year’s Bacardi Cup in Miami? And the old magic is still there, as two of the most helpful and popular sailors on the planet slid into the runner-up slot ahead of the likes of five-time Olympic medallist Torben Grael, now sailing with Guilherme Almeida
Sailor of the month LOICK PEYRON (FRA)
Another hugely popular figure in the sport, Peyron has recently rejoined Iain Percy and the boys at Artemis for the next America’s Cup campaign as a helmsman and technical adviser. Peyron remains the current Jules Verne Trophy holder with Banque Populaire V but these days you are just as likely to see him ripping up the bay in La Baule on his Mach 2 foiler Moth. One of the great all-rounders of the sport and a magical seaman to boot

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