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‘For keeping us entertained with his head rubbing for 9 months’ – Maria Perkins; ‘A huge job that paid off… finally!’ – Piret Salmistu; ‘Total commitment and endless determination to succeed in winning this race’ – Tim Robinson; ‘The crown on an already impressive career’ – Rob Weiland; ‘If at first you don’t succeed…’ – Charles Darbyshire; ‘For Ian this has been a long time coming’ – Matt Sole; ‘Man, did he work hard for this (and a top bloke)’ – Blue Robinson; ‘There is only one winner here’ – Chris Mason.
Sailor of the Month NEIL COX (AUS)
From the moment that Vestas Wind hit a reef in the Indian Ocean until the boat was relaunched in Portugal Vestas shore-manager ‘Coxy’s’ feet barely touched the ground. This hugely experienced Australian first had to talk his crew off the reef while sorting a complex salvage operation, then undertake a thorough damage survey ‘at the coal face’, execute a rebuild plan and then get his boat across Europe during public holidays
Sailor of the month CHARLIE ENRIGHT (USA)
In the end Enright’s young and relatively inexperienced Volvo team won two In Port races and then took the prestigious final offshore leg into Gothenburg. Before the race few expected much of this enthusiastic but largely unknown campaign and yet in the final analysis Alvimedica finished tied with the hugely experienced Spanish Mapfre entry and only one point adrift of mid-race superstars Dongfeng

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