In the latest issue of Seahorse International Sailing magazine we have articles from the following top writers.

Tony Langley found huge success in the sadly not always fashionable field of engineering – not that it bothers him all that much
Alex Thomson starts his 5th Vendée with absolutely everything needed to end France’s hegemony of the event. Now go for it, boyo!
Jérémie Beyou was third in the last VG racing an ageing 6-year-old Imoca. Now he has both a new ship and time on the water
Hans Klaar travels solo: ‘I hate cry babies and sissies’ was his warm reaction to a (former) friend tired of the wet and cold on a voyage
Tony Rae has been part of almost every one of those great Kiwi successes from the 1989 Whitbread to two of their three Cup victories