September 2022


St Francis Yacht Club rocks. Especially their youngsters, including Merritt Sellers who won the two-handed division in the Bayview-Mack Race sailing with her dad Scot. ‘We got ’em at night,’ said dad. ‘We went from 2nm back to 2nm in front.’ What had to be squeezed out of the pair was that Merritt was on the helm most of the race and all of the night. ‘I’m at a point as a sailor where I’m able to do this,’ said the 14-year-old. ‘Everything was pretty mellow… it feels pretty cool’
 Why they won
‘Merritt at the age of 14 displayed a fearless passion and made it clear she was always ready to assume as much responsibility as you handed her’ – Bob Bake; ‘A father with his 14-year-old daughter winning class in a race of this importance, stupendous!’ – Byron West; ‘Merritt rocks!!’ – Brian Berger; ‘This girl inspires!’ Laurie Dubin; ‘Way to go, hope you win this!!’ – Grandpa; ‘At only 14 years old. Unbelievable’ – Katie Pandes; ‘Go, Merritt’ – Marion Umana.