September 2018


For pedants: Olympian Carolijn Brouwer sailed all but one leg, more than any other of the talented and fast women sailors on Dongfeng and so becomes the first female racer to win the Volvo Race. An incredible achievement and it should only be an embarrassment for those in a position to act if the women who raced so hard through the Southern Ocean do not soon get some emails inviting them to try out for a good grand prix programme
 Why they won
‘Carolijn exceeded my expectations in Dongfeng, she was more than just a crew, a mentor, a role model, I am so happy she was in our team!’ – Bruno Dubois; ‘The best sailor and the sweetest human being I know’ – Marie Cerbelle; ‘She is the best, in Moths to Maxis’ – Stacey Jackson; ‘The most incredibly goal-focused woman in sailing’ – Esther Kruijver; ‘I am in awe of Carolijn!’ – Karyn Gojnich; ‘There’s no one quite like Carolijn!’ – Jeroen van Catz; ‘Big respect for mother Carolijn!’ – Hans Klippus; ‘Correction! Carolijn sailed every leg except the motor delivery to China!!!’ – Darren Bundock .