September 2014


Two good reasons for this nomination: one topical, one more long term. Long term is that while DeVos has tirelessly supported sailing through some tough times, with backing for events like Key West, he has also been one of the three people underwriting the TP52 Class that is making such a go of it in the Super Series. The more topical reason is that DeVos has just taken yet another world title in the TP52 Class... only fair, some would say
 Why they won
‘A tireless and elegant supporter of sailing’ – Dawn Riley; ‘And not a bad driver either’ – Scott Nixon; ‘Slam dunk. Awesome sailor, awesome advocate of sailing, awesome person’ – Terry Hutchinson; ‘There’s many things he’s done to support sailing that we know about, but so many more that have been kept quiet’ – Tom Burnham; ‘Nicest, most humble man in sailing... don’t ever change, Doug’ – Kerry Clougher. ‘Thank you, Doug!’ – Ed Baird... and sincere apologies for using the wrong image last month!