September 2009

Juan Kouyoumdjian (ARG)

Last time they said he was ‘lucky’ to be the one to hit on the right formula with his boats for ABN Amro. This time with Ericsson 3 and 4 ­supporters of rival VO70 designers are finding it harder to find flaws in the success of this innovative and eternally youthful Argentinean who is also never afraid to get out there and do it himself – usually in Juan K’s case in the intensely tough Star class
 Why they won
After a close fight with fellow designer/sailor Jo Richards, the voting closed at 51-49% in Juan K’s favour… ‘Well done, Juan K is one of the grand prix yacht designers we keep a close eye on’ – Nick Fry, Brawn GP; ‘Well done, old boy!’ – Andrew MacFarlan, Red Bull; ‘Bloody clever’ – Ross Field; ‘Juan is the best in the world’ – Marina Dorignac; ‘The fastest boat in the Volvo Race, again!’ – Pedro Gianotti; ‘Juan has saltwater running in his veins’ – Edward Seferian.