Dave Ullman (USA)

Better late than never… the lobby for the former 470 ace and SoCal sailmaker of choice to several one-design fleets has been growing for a while. Winner of last year’s ‘big’ Melges Worlds in Santa Cruz, winner after a stunning final day at Key West this January, Ullman is, however, being put up as much for the enthusiasm with which he supports one-design sailing as for his own outstanding track record
Why they won
Don’t ya just love the sheer class of our readership (we do)… ‘Not bad for an old fart’ – Bill Reilly; Dave is a myth – Gianni Fairman (shurely ‘legend’? – ed); ‘just a great guy and so easy to work with’ – Diane Haberer; ‘go Dave, go!!!’ – Cindy Stenek of (competitor) Art Nelson Sailmakers… which just about says it all.

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