September 2005

Minoru Saito (JPN)

It was a thrill to follow this popular multiple BOC/Around Alone competitor as he achieved his goal of becoming the oldest yachtsman ever to complete a non-stop solo round-the-world passage. At 71, Minoru took 233 days to complete his fourth and slowest solo circumnavigation (to date...). And he even grew some of his own vegetables along the way
 Why they won
Given the daunting wall of support for Saito-San, Rod Carr put up a brave fight! ‘A great yachtsman, we are all so proud’ – Yuichi Indo; ‘Viva Minoru!’ – Maki Manai; ‘A good sailor, yes sir!’ – Kenji Tsuruki; ‘Japanese dream’ – Ken Ando; ‘Wonderful Saito’ – Lasayoshi Xano.